Electromagnetic Stimulations Therapy improve the way the body works. It makes the biological processes more effective, hence enhances the circulation of your blood to all parts of the body. Suitable for children and adults.

Benefits Include:

a) Increased blood circulation means blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to cells structures which make up the organ and muscles.  If not enough oxygen in the body, the cells or body do not function well and you do not feel good. 

Increased oxygen of your tissues helps to fight infection, strengthen your immune system, speed up recovery of damaged tissues and mending of bone structures.

b) Encourages deep relaxing sleep to relieve insomnia, muscle tension, headaches and migraine.

c) It also reduces or stops pain. 

Clinically proven to be effective in promoting improvements in:

  • Pain relief 

  • Health and wellbeing in

  1. Stress

  2. Sleep quality

  3. Concentration 

  4. Immune system

  5. Cholesterol 

  6. Blood measure 

  • Sport medicine

  1. Stress

  2. Muscle injuries  

  3. Tendon injuries

  4. Fractures 


  • Joints and bones

  1. Fractures 

  2. Osteoporosis  

  3. Rheumatoid 

  4. Arthritis 

  5. Osteoarthritis 

  6. Joint disorders 

  • Alimentary tract

  1. Duodenal and gastric ulcers

  2. Irritable colon syndrome 

  • Nervous system

  1. Multiple sclerosis 

  2. Parkinson’s

  3. Stroke

  4. Migraine

  5. Alzheimer’s 

Electromagnetic therapy would take place on an electromagnetic bed. Your whole body would be treated on the full bed. Session takes about 20 to 60 minutes depending on the protocols.

Electromagnetic therapy is designed to be used alongside normal medical procedures. We recommend that you continue to use prescribed medications and follow the advice of your doctor.